Welcome to the new era of trading cards.

SportsCast is a pioneering media collectibles company leveraging the global popularity of podcasting, NFTs, and digital sports collectibles all into one unique product.

Forget about making a splash. We're unleashing a tidal wave of coverage with the power of SportsCast and IBNSports.

SportsCast Slam Dunk
SportsCast Touchdown Run

About SportsCast

With the boom of NFTs, athletes and sports media shouldn't be left out of the equation.

SportsCast's model is simple.

Digital Sport Collectibles

NFTs are digital collectible assets representing anything unique – like a song, piece of art, digital trading card, or an athlete-driven podcast.

The Podcast

Podcasting is an incredible outlet for sports media, but athletes often don't get paid for their valuable time.

Each host and guest on SportsCast will be paid a royalty based on all sales upon release, as well as in perpetuity, as the NFT increases in value and continues to be sold/traded on the blockchain.

In addition to the economic incentives, SportsCast will be hosted by professional athletes, coaches, and potentially Heisman Trophy-winners. IBNSports will be a household name in the sports industry and is currently looking for hosts via SportsCast cutting-edge platform.

The Digital Trading Cards

With more than $2 billion spent on NFT's during the first quarter of 2021, there's no better time to jump into this digital industry.

SportsCast collectibles range from common to extremely rare, with the most exclusive including immersive digital enhancements like virtual reality to create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Collectors can purchase limited edition NFTs that provide priority access to podcasts and these exclusive digital experiences.

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